1st Edition June 2024


Welcome to the First Edition of our Contents + Insights Newsletter.


As part of our on-going efforts at Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) to ensure you get the most out of your sponsorship of our Online Buyer Communities, we decided to start a newsletter. There will be no selling, no pitches, and you don’t even need to open the email to benefit from it because you can also read it when you visit the Content +Insights portal to check up on topic trends and reader engagement.

Explore Our New Portal

Speaking of the portal, have you registered to access the new portal? Over the last few months, we’ve been updating the community reports with new insights including reader personas and making it easier to find information at a glance so you can incorporate it into your program reporting.


Once you’ve registered feel free to reach out to your team to set up a guided tour of the portal.


Overcoming Marketing Challenges and a New Podcast You Can Be a Part Of!

Another area we’ll be focusing on in this newsletter is the challenges facing marketers, especially those supporting the public sector. It’s a unique field of marketing and, working across our sponsor base, we notice that many of our marketers encounter the same obstacles. From the constant threat of government shutdowns and other political distractions to the pressure of federal buying season, to a lack of resources, the list could go on.


What we know from experience is that many brains solve challenges and create unique and effective ways to have an outsize impact regardless of team size or budget. So, using this newsletter and our new Modern Marketing Today podcast, launching in September, we want to feature the marketers we work with and showcase how they’re leading their organizations to success.


If you’d like to be one of the first guests on The Modern Marketing Today Podcast, send me an email and we’ll start planning.


Until next month,


Warm regards,


Jenna L. Sindle, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Managing Editor

Strategic Communications Group