Guilty as Charged Phase 2

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B2B thought leaders are at a breaking point. They are overwhelmed, exhausted, and beaten down. Are marketers the reason why?
Extend the impact of your content. Be a hero to your thought leaders. Do it all for FREE!

You have stepped up your investment in thought leadership content to educate and inform customers, prospects, partners, and other important audiences. You blog. You publish white papers. You offer custom research.

For you, it is a priority to concept, create, publish, and promote content. For your company’s thought leaders, it is a burden that adversely impacts their core job responsibilities.

Here are the signs you may be guilty of thought leader exploitation:

• They were eager and enthusiastic to contribute. Now, they may not even reply.
• They were timely to review drafts. Now, they fail to keep the schedule.
• They were active to promote on social media. Now, there is little, if any, sharing.

While the situation may appear dire, there is a simple, effective, and FREE solution. By syndicating your existing thought leadership portfolio with Content +Insights, you extend reach, impact, and ROI. You can scale back the pressure to always create new content by enhancing the shelf-life of what you already have.

Your content program will be more effective and efficient. And your thought leaders won’t feel exploited, inspiring them to contribute to new content campaigns.

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Content +Insights is easy and fast to use. And there is no cost.
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