Content Insights

Content that engages our audience gives a clear indication of what issues our government readers are facing and what challenges they need to solve. These insights can help marketers plan what campaigns they might want to run, or how they can use these challenges to create meaningful hooks in their outreach to customers and prospects. What is always interesting about the government market is how content trends persist, or show an initial spike of engagement and then rebound months and sometimes years later as research turns into action, as funding becomes available, or as mandate deadlines demand action.

Top Content

At present the top content on Government Technology Insider is focused squarely on AI and interest is shared equally by federal, state, and local government readers. What is interesting is that while visionary pieces on AI are performing strongly, the first specific application or use case around automation is outpacing the ‘big picture’ pieces. Governments at all levels are eager to get to work with AI to capitalize on its time – and budget – saving capabilities. This is an important factor to keep in mind when thinking about how to message AI.

Topics of Interest

April saw the Advana juggernaut stopped in its track and not just knocked of the #1 spot, but out of the top 5. The top content for this month has a broad and interesting focus on topics including AI, the difference between digitization and automation, digital transformation, and personality driven content featuring an interview with a govvie who was inducted into this year’s Fed100.

Other topics of interest at the moment at present are:


Customer Experience

Records Digitization

Generative AI

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