Analytics Overview

Welcome to the Government Technology Insider Insights Report. Using the data we capture about each and every piece of content we publish, as well data from organic and paid social promotions on LinkedIn, we create insights about the overall trends and challenges federal, state, and local government IT Decision Makers are facing. These data points help our sponsor teams and the marketers we work with understand what topics are driving engagement, what is resonating with their buyers, and how to use this information in their sales and marketing campaigns.

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Reader Persona

Government Technology Insider brings in readers from all 24 CFO Agencies at the federal level and all 50 state governments, plus hundreds of localities around the country. Key localities visiting Government Technology Insider include Los Angeles County, Broward County, and Dallas County, as well as New York City, City of Los Angeles, and City of Chicago. Government Technology Insider readers stay on site for an average of 2 minutes 30 seconds per visit, with peak target visitor time on site currently at 14 minutes and 32 seconds.

A typical Government Technology Insider reader is:

  • A program manager or IT manager responsible for making recommendations to senior IT decision makers (ITDMs) and agency senior executive staff.
  • A contracting or acquisitions manager, responsible for guiding financial decisions for ITDMs.
  • Located in Washington, D.C. for federal government and in state and county capitals.


of our target readership is from the federal government.


of target readership is from state and local government.


of our target readership is from System Integrators.