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This last section of our C +I report gives you the opportunity to learn more about the work we do at Strategic Communications Group and how you can derive even more value from your sponsorship.


This month’s newsletter focuses on getting the most out of your library of content assets.

Tip of the Month

Create once, use many. Once you look inside your content library you’ll see that you have so many assets you might not need to create something new. With ever-shorter technology refresh cycles and limitations on their budgets of late, buyers are playing catch-up. This means that content that was created in the past year may be as relevant to their education and influencing their propensity to buy today, as it was at the time it was originally created. Our sponsor managers are experts in taking that webinar you invested in, or that talk track your team created for a conference that just happened and giving it a new lease of life as the basis for a thought leadership article or other asset that we can syndicate on the relevant online buyer community.

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